Delivery Time: 1-8 Work days

Read It Before Send IMEI !!!

This service is working on day time in France - Monday to Friday only

Supported iPhone: iPhone 3G , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4, iPhone 4S , iPhone 5

You can unlock any normal IMEI  (Not Blacklisted)

All orders are unlocked within  8th days but generally in less than 1 week

All order are checked with CheckMend Europe

If the iPhone is blacklisted , you will be informed within 48 hours (Open days)

No refund for wrong operator, check your IMEI before using this service !

All Order not unlocked after 15 days are fully refunded.

If your carrier is "AFRICA FLEX" you must Activate the iPhone with an Orange  French SIM card,

If the iPhone with Africa flex carrier is not Activated with a French SIM card No refund for the Unlock!!!