Delivery Time: Instant To Few Hours

IMEI: 354856093XXXXX
Product Type: iPad3,6
Status: Approved for Bypass
1. Download iRemove Tools from
2. Follow Bypass instructions:

List of Supported Models:


- iPad Air
- iPad Mini 2
- iPad Mini 3
- iPad mini 4
- iPad Air 2


This is bypassing service so in case of restore/reset device will be relocked and you will need to use the software again but for free!
After bypassing iCloud Activation Lock on CDMA and GSM+CDMA iPad, you will be able to use your device without abilities to make outgoing and incoming calls!
To complete bypass on CDMA and GSM+CDMA devices please insert SIM card with SIM pin installed on it (you can use any other phone to setup any pin code on any working sim card). Insert a valid SIM card with PIN enabled and click Cancel when it asks for pin code.
MAC OS needed